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Wireless Energy & Utility Metering & Control

Seamless Integration of Energy Monitoring Systems
CM-Tech have a suite of Energy and Utility monitoring, metering and control hardware products available, enabling end-users to monitor and alert on consumption of energy as well as water and gas usage (where data enabled meters are installed). The Schematic below illustrates the wide range of configurations that are available.

All our wireless energy monitoring and control hardware is directly compatible with the Compliance Management hardware that can be used for temperature, humidity, and load monitoring via the use of the same wireless routers and repeaters. Workflows or simple email/text alerts can be configured to notify end-users of unexpected changes in energy usage.

CM-Tech Energy Metering
  240V AC Smart-Switch
Metering and Control of a connected 240V load (15A Max)
  cm-tech smart control
  240V AC Smart-Socket
Metering and Control of all connected 240v loads, withautomatic shutdown of slave sockets.
  cm-tech smart socket
3-Phase Energy Meter
A 3-Phase metering unit allowing clampon current collectors to be used to monitor each phase load.
  cm-tech smart meter
cm-tech smart lighting controller   Smart Lighting Controller
An intelligent lighting controller unit capable of metering, switching and/or dimming connected loads.
Smart Light Switch
A standard wall mounted switch, enabling loads to be controlled manually or remotely.
  cm-tech smart light switch
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